Independent RP 8log for Vriska Serket with random OOC re8loggings. Will RP with anyone and I'm multifandom friendly.

(If I offend you somehow please let me know what I did so I can apologize properly and not do it again.)

Aaaaaaaanyway, my name is VRISKA SERKET and I am a troll from ALTERNIA, 8luh 8luh yada yada. I don't own any of the art here unless otherwise specified.

I am going on 8 sweeps old, the m8sprit to Terezi Pyrope, and we have kids (thank you magic anons). See a8out page for more info.

Magic Anon status: (see A8out for more permanent changes) : Muse: Were-spider for indetermin8 length of time. Mun is a Scorpio troll until tired of it. (like that's gonna happen!)

Recuperacoon time.

(I want to sleep. Please send me t asks and answers)

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#OOC #sleep time #please send asks #I will answer ic tomorrow #and transl8ion party will 8e over then
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